Our Mission

We are Videonomicon, the video releasing company from the future’s past! Our mission is to provide you with the unique, forgotten, under-appreciated and important works from the fringes of cinema and home video. 

We've got exclusive licensed limited-edition VHS and DVDs, and other swag to satiate your home video needs. All prices in Canadian dollars.

SHIPPING INFORMATION: We ship world-wide via Canada Post.

** PLEASE NOTE: Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic you may experience some delay in shipping. We at Videonomicon take this very seriously, and want to ensure the health and safety of everyone, so we too, as a business, are practicing social distancing to help stop the curve. This currently means we are temporarily resorting to shipping out orders TWICE A WEEK to limit our trips to the post office and do our part. All orders placed during a week will ship out on Wednesdays and Saturdays. FURTHER NOTICE: While Canada Post currently remains operational, if in the event the post offices are shut down as they are public spaces, or we are forced to self-isolate ourselves, we will then resort to holding packages for any orders placed during those times and will resume shipping and fulfilling orders when it has been declared safe again to do so and operations have resumed. If it does come to these more drastic results, we will of course notify all customers who've placed orders about the further delay and update the site, but currently we and the post offices are operational so your order will ship as soon as possible as noted above. Thanks for your understanding! And stay healthy! **