Instruments of Evil DVD


Instruments of Evil (2016)

Directors: Huw Evans & Curtis Anderson
Runtime: 94 mins

Videonomicon was given a handful of DVD copies from the director! Our official VHS release is sold out, so this is a great opportunity to own the film if you missed out on that release!

INSTRUMENTS OF EVIL is the new comedy-horror anthology that calls “absurdly funny” and “that hits all the right notes!” Created in the ancient mists of time by the Viking god Loki, four musical demons have left carnage and horror in their wake as they’ve travelled through the centuries, using the vibrations of music as a conduit across time and space. Now, as the harmonic horrors attempt to reunite and bring about the end of the world, can a cop, a hooker, and a warrior from the past defeat these evil spirits before the music stops… forever?

A combination of paean and parody, the music-filled INSTRUMENTS OF EVIL pays homage to the low-budget exploitation (or “grindhouse”) films of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, while also poking fun at their notorious excesses and absurdities. Fans of low-budget, B-movie madness will find enjoyment here, but be warned: not only tunes get stuck in your head!

“A good dose of humour, campy gore, and catchy music!” –

Special features include deleted scenes, bloopers, and trailer!

Features cover artwork by director/illustrator Huw Evans!

Copyright 2016 EYECATCHER Video.

Ships worldwide. Please note this is an NTSC Region 0 DVD. Rated 18A.