About Us

Welcome to Videonomicon, the video releasing company from the future’s past! Here you'll find exclusive licensed limited-edition VHS and DVD releases of rare, lost, or forgotten films we're proud to release under the Videonomicon name. Or perhaps we've got some other swag, such as T-shirts or merchandise, that satiates your analog video needs.

Jon Vaughn and Tyler Baptist both grew up during the new born boom of home video, a rebellious time that marked the expansion of cinema to not just the hills of Hollywood but to the backyards and alleyways in every neighbourhood around the globe. This is Videonomicon, a curated cacophony of cinema and VHS culture. Come for the home video, but take a video home!

For more, visit our website at videonomicon.com for news, reviews, interviews, and more!

SHIPPING INFORMATION: All prices in Canadian dollars. We ship world-wide via CanadaPost, and ship orders within 24 hours of purchase (unless we have to contact you if there is a delay). We only charge the ACTUAL shipping and handling costs, so there's no over-inflated S&H costs like we've seen some indie releasing companies do - especially when it comes to international shipping, so buy with confidence!