Are these releases legit?
Yes! All Videonomicon releases are officially licensed. We do not sell bootlegs of any products. All our disc releases are factory replicated pressed discs and all our VHS releases are professionally duplicated.

I don't want any crummy bootlegs!
Good, neither do we!

The quality of this film isn't that great. Are you sure it's not a bootleg?
We source the highest quality versions of the films that we can. Sometimes that means we can put out a high-definition Blu-ray. Other times the films may have originated on film but their film elements no longer exist, and so standard-definition analog digitized masters or VHS tapes might be all that remains in existence for those titles. We try extremely hard to make each of our releases as nice as possible, even if that means going through two VHS tapes of a film frame by frame and picking the best one between the two! We want to give these lost films another life regardless of any possible visual limitations using the best possible elements available.

Why don't you have any VHS of this release? When are you gonna get more??
Our VHS releases are strictly single-run limited editions, so once they're gone, that's it!

Why do you only have VHS of some of your films? Where's the DVD or Blu-ray edition of those titles?
It all depends on what we've licensed for a particular title. Some titles are licensed for all media, some for optical media, and some even we've only obtained the rights for a release on VHS. Each release varies based on our licensing agreements for that title. Same goes for which countries we can sell to, as some titles may have a territorial stipulation.

Can I watch any of your releases online?
Some of our titles are available currently via VOD and you can rent them online here: https://videonomicon.vhx.tv


There's a problem with my stuff!
Email us and we will take care of it for you! Reach out to us with any order-related questions at: orders@videonomicon.com

My order was cancelled! What gives?
On rare occasions we have had to cancel orders if we aren't licensed to sell the product in the country where the order was supposed to ship to. The products that have limitations will have a note in the product description.


How long does it take you guys to ship something out?
Media is usually shipping out within 1-2 business days of the order being placed. Other items, like shirts, mugs, etc. are shipped out separately from our Blu-rays, DVDs, and VHS, and may take a couple extra days to send out. If there are going to be any additional delays with your order being shipped, we will reach out to you via the contact on your order.

Who do you ship with?
As we are based out of Canada, we ship using Canada Post.

Is there a tracking number with my order?
Depends on which service you've selected for your order. Within Canada, we can ship out 1 or 2 DVDs or Blu-rays using Lettermail or to the United States using Small Packet Air, which are non-tracked, cheaper shipping options. Due to weight limitations (as postage is always based on packaged weight, not how many items you've ordered), anything that is over a total packaged weight of 500 grams and 2 CM in height (such as a VHS) has to go parcel rates, and these services are tracked. So if you've selected Expedited Parcel (Canada or United States) or Tracked Packet Air (United States), then you'll receive a tracking number when your order ships. International orders (outside of North America) are shipped using Small Packet Surface International, Small Packet Air International (both of these are non-tracked), or Tracked Packet International (tracked).

My order has shipped but it hasn't arrived yet. How long will it take to show up?
Orders shipped within Canada usually arrive within 2 to 6 business days. Orders shipped to the USA usually arrive within 6 to 14 business days. Orders shipped internationally usually arrive within 7 to 21 business days. These are the standard delivery windows outlined by Canada Post. Please also allow an additional 3 business days outside of these standard delivery windows before contacting us if your order still has not arrived to allow for any potential delays within the postal system or delays caused by customs that are outside of our control. If after waiting the additional time your order still has not arrived, you can contact us at: orders@videonomicon.com


I run an online and/or brick & mortar store, can I purchase your releases at wholesale?
Yes, we sell our releases to legitimate stores and businesses at wholesale. If you run a store or business and want to carry our releases, please email us at: info@videonomicon.com

Can I screen your movies at a theater or at a public showing?
All our physical releases are licensed for home use only! Public performance of any kind is strictly prohibited, and no screening rights are given or implied when you purchase any of our DVD, Blu-ray, VHS, or VOD releases. We do, however, own screening and public performance rights for select titles, so if you were interested in organizing a public screening of Ryan's Babe for instance, reach out to us at: info@videonomicon.com for any theatrical or public performance booking inquiries.

I've made a movie, or found a movie, that I think would be a good fit for a Videonomicon release, would you be interested in releasing it?
We are always on the lookout for new or old titles, so if you've made a movie or own the rights to a movie that you think might fit in with our brand, reach out to us at: info@videonomicon.com. We can't guarantee we will release it, but we are always open to communication!