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Offerings (2018)

Release Number: VNR0013
Director: Torin Langen
Runtime: 154 mins

An exercise in ambient horror, OFFERINGS chronicles the rituals of a mysterious cult and the spaces they inhabit. Non-narrative and highly textured, the film functions as a distillation of folk horror imagery and expressionist filmmaking techniques.

Largely inspired by Xeroxed gig posters, the creatures found in OFFERINGS function as black metal album illustration brought to hulking, lumbering life. A visual and aural assault, OFFERINGS seeks to hypnotize and indoctrinate audiences into its fever dream nightmarescape.

Videonomicon is pleased to present OFFERINGS not only once but thrice! Included here with 3 unique soundtracks; each adding another layer of uneasy ambience and an altogether different experience with each viewing. And as an additional bonus, also included following the short film(s) is Torin Langen’s debut feature film 3 DEAD TRICK OR TREATERS (2017); a dialogue-less horror anthology that is a “dark descent into pure Halloween Hell!*”

Limited to 13 hand-numbered copies on black VHS!

3 versions of Offerings: Original Film Score, VOC Silent Film Harmonic Live Score, and Dolphin Midwives Live Score!
Bonus Feature: 3 Dead Trick or Treaters (2017)!
Includes liner notes with a statement from director Torin Langen!
Distributed exclusively on VHS by Videonomicon.
Ships worldwide. Please note this is an NTSC videocassette.
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