The Complete Harry Knuckles Collection VHS Set

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The Complete Harry Knuckles Collection (1998-2004)

Release Number: VNR0005 (2-tape VHS Set)
Director: Lee Gordon Demarbre
Runtime: 164 mins

Videonomicon proudly presents Lee Gordon Demarbre and Phil Caracas' character creation Harry Knuckles in a 2-tape set that features all the shorts and a feature - it's THE COMPLETE HARRY KNUCKLES COLLECTION! Tape 1 contains all the shorts, including the faux trailer that started it all - HARRY KNUCKLES (1998)! Then, catch Harry in a two-fisted archeological adventure that doesn't pull any punches! In his quest to unearth an unholy treasure and to save his daughter's life, Harry goes mano a mano with everything from beatnik bank robbers to the insidious hordes of the undead in HARRY KNUCKLES AND THE TREASURE OF THE AZTEC MUMMY (1999)! Finally rounding out the shorts, it's a hard-boiled tale of kidnapping, violence, drunkenness and laughter -- told in less time than it takes to hard-boil an egg! In the tradition of the Republic Serials of yesteryear, this six-episode, six-minute adventure delivers all the action-packed, fight-filled, stunt-studded, comedy-crammed fun that fans have come to expect -- in bite-sized pieces! Originally produced for Canadian television, it's HARRY KNUCKLES AND THE SEIGE OF THE LEOPARD LADY (2003)! Tape 2 contains Harry in his longest adventure yet in HARRY KNUCKLES AND THE PEARL NECKLACE (2004)! A valuable necklace has gone missing, and Harry Knuckles, AKA Special Agent Spanish Fly, is on the case. But getting his hirsute hands on the prize isn't going to be easy for the diminutive dynamo. There's more to this case than meets the eye. Armed with a lethal arsenal of kung-fu moves, a hair-trigger temper, a fistful of moxie and a seemingly endless supply of potassium-rich bananas, Harry's ready to knuckle up against any and all comers. Back to back with his loyal friend, famed Mexican wrestler El Santos, Harry goes toe to toe with the hinterland horror of the Bionic Bigfoot and an army of interlopers. Can even Special Agent Spanish Fly survive the Zen onslaught of a shadow warrior from the land of the rising sun? A duo of pampered preppie pickpockets? A seductive team of amazon assassins? How about a binary beat down in a booby-trapped virtual reality or a round of rest-stop rough housing? Even if he does, he'll still have wrangle a parade of thugs, mugs, pugs, lugs and palookas that want to see him kissing canvas before he can get his mitts on the man behind it all. And when he does, the identity of that man will shatter Harry's world forever. That man is his own furry flesh and bristly blood. His reflection in a cracked mirror. His identical twin brother.

...Turns the drive-in movie delirium up well past eleven...” – Paul Corupe,

2-tape VHS Set limited to 75 hand-numbered copies on black VHS!

Features video introduction from Lee Demarbre, Phil Caracas, and Ian Driscoll!

Includes liner notes from The Feedback Society's Craig Silliphant!

Features new cover artwork by Cate Francis!

Copyright 1998-2004 Odessa Filmworks.

Distributed exclusively by Videonomicon.

Ships worldwide. Please note these are NTSC videocassettes.